5SOS drops “Money”

5sos money

On Friday, the Australian Pop Punk band of the new broken scene, 5 Seconds of Summer, gave fans a new song to listen to off their newest album “Sounds Good Feels Good” before it’s release on October 23rd.

“Money” is the opening track off of the album and is a good way to open the album, but it definitely isn’t as strong as the other song that we’ve heard. Don’t get me wrong, it holds up to the standard 5SOS of quality.  “Money” is reminiscent of their first major hit “She Looks So Perfect” with the lyrics and the want to be with a girl.

Overall, it’s a good song and is pretty catchy. Not single worthy but still a good song.

Here’s the song for you to listen and enjoy:


Overall: 3.5 seconds out of 5


Do you have an opinion on the “Money” from 5 Second of Summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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