The 90’s feel are returning


Nickelodeon is bringing back the old school!

Next month, the channel is bringing back all of our favorite shows from the 90s in a special block….yeah, I know. They have that on TeenNick and it sucks.¬†The block is from Midnight to 4 am and the core audience for that block is usually in bed at the time because we are all old and have grown up jobs…also, no one remembers to watch it’s because it’s just in a weird time slot. Also, not a lot of people have TeenNick. I would have watched it more in college but it wasn’t a selected changed because we had to have 40 channels dedicated to Football.

But this is Nick’s attempt to say “We F’ed Up!” ¬†Hopefully they don’t let us down like they alway do…until then, I’ll continue to watch Rugrats, etc. on YouTube like every cool twenty something.
Here’s the promo video:


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