Demi vs World


As the world impatiently awaits the next the start of the “Confident” era of Demi Lovato’s career, Miss Demi, Demi if you are nasty, released the video for her second single “Confident.”

The video is an action packed and Demi kicks major ass in it. The premise of the video is that Demi is in jail, probably for murder, and she gets a pardon on her crimes if she help with something by some creepy old dude named Fred. Fred and Michelle Rodriguez end up double-crossing her and getting her arrested for treason. They fight, Demi gets arrest before beating up police officers and escaping and re-fighting Michelle. They fight and realize that they are being played by the creep named Fred and turn on him. They save the day and ride off into the knight on their cycles. The End.

But here is the synopsis that one of the Lovatics came up with:

“So in the beginning, she’s in jail which is a metaphor to the issues and struggles she has been through that kept her “locked”, then she’s offered help to get out of jail/ get mental treatment which she obviously by her facial expression isn’t excited about. The burns on her hand are her scars. She’s getting ready to fight/ to find her inner peace. The people wearing black are her insecurities who knock her down but she always keeps fighting. Michelle is the girl Demi wants to be, a confident girl (crop top=confidence, body acceptance), when she finally accepts her self (the hand shake) she becomes confident and kicks everyone’s ass”

That’s either looking to much into it or we are going need some waders because it’s getting deep in here.

Overall, the video is really well done. My only problem is that the concept is over done, especially after Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” I mean, I’m all for action music videos but it’s just needs a break.

Here’s the video for your eyes’ to partake in and enjoy:


Rating: 4.5 Kick to the face out of 5


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