Demi gets Confident in New Album


Demi Lovato’s highly anticipated new album “Confident” was released today across the world and in like Demi fashion, and this time you can tell your mother!

The album itself isn’t bad but it feels like an “Unbroken 2.0” because it’s all songs about things Demi struggled with and each song has some sort of personal meaning behind each song. The albums problem is that there isn’t enough hits on it. Sure “Confident” and “Cool For the Summer” are on there and are stand out songs, but it just needs a tad bit more “oomph” to make it amazing. There is some good songs on it like “Kingdom Come,” “Lionheart,” and “Waitin For You” but the rest seem to fall through the cracks.

The album doesn’t live up to the “Confident” and “Cool For The Summer” standards that the singles set. They build on them but not well enough to make the album stand out. The snippets of the albums honestly made it sound better.

While lifelong Demi fans will enjoy this album, but for fans that got into her via the albums two singles–it may be hit or miss for this album.

Overall, It’s a good album but not an amazing one, especially if you are looking to get into Demi for the first time, and by that I mean her music.

Take a listen to the album yourself:


Rating: 3.5 Hearts that need a break out of 5


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