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Have you been on Tumblr lately? It’s full of horny pre-teen and/or teenage girls writing porngraphic fan fiction about them and their favorite “Fandom.” So if they are beliebers, then they are writing about getting it on with Justin Bieber. When did this become okay?

Like, do they really know the meaning behind the words they write? It’s rather sad, mainly because they could be doing more productive things with their lives. I’m glad they being creative but they don’t need to be writing about going down on Justin Bieber like a leech. Granted, some of these girls have a future career writing adult romance novels, but it’s just not something they should be writing.

And before you call me “sexist,” I know that guys write some as well. It’s just popularized as fangirl thing to do. Have you read what I’m talking about? I’m not going to link any because this blog does not condone porngraphic verbage. But go onto Tumblr and you will find some. While you are reading it, just remember that it may have came out of a mind of a 12 year old girl you sick perv.

To all the girls that are penning this tales of perversion, here’s are a list of things that you could be doing instead of writing about having sex with guys/girls/people that you are fans of:

  • Play outside
  • Read a book
  • write a non-perverse book
  • Clean
  • learn a language
  • Make up a language
  • Visit with friends

That’s a few of the things that you could be doing instead of pretty much writing porn. You can revisit your pornographic ¬†writing when you are of legal age to consume porn.

Here’s another sentence that has the word porn in it for good measure. Don’t get me started on people that make pictures based on fan fictions.

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