The Britney Jean Experience


Another year has almost passed and it’s time that we, as group, discuss a subject that we have avoided because we weren’t ready to discuss–Britney Jean. I know what you are thinking and yes, this is finally a review of it. It time that we accept it into our lives and accept it for what it turned out to be for our queen–a flop.

“Britney Jean” isn’t a bad album, but it’s not a good one either. There is actually a lot of songs that I liked off of it. One of my biggest complaint about it is that there is a lack of direction to the album. There isn’t any sort of genre of music but rather a mixture of genre. This would be fine if the genres made sense together. It literally seems like they recorded a bunch of song and just put all the ones that Britney had a personal connection with. The songs weren’t organized well to make it flow right. I feel like they just stuck all the songs in iTunes and hit shuffle. Let’s be real and say it together now–the album was rushed. The rushed it like was a prom night fling.

I’ll be nice and not blame on it but then again he gave a rather bad song that he and Brit did on the album that wasn’t no “Scream and Shout” nor “Big Fat Bass.” The song was bad.  There was a lot of producers on this album, so much that you might have noticed that I had to bold a lot to get across that there was way more than I believe their should be. And was the one of the only consistent ones, hence why he gets the heat.

Britney didn’t even promote the album besides on social media. It’s like she pretty much said “Hey y’all, I made this album. It’s a very personal album but not personal enough for me to promote it!” Yeah, she would actually do the same for her single with Iggy Iggs that turned out to flop.

Overall, “Britney Jean” was the personal album that was too rushed to be anything. It’s not as personal as “Blackout,” that album is pretty much the best album she ever did and this was around the time she shaved her head.  Buy it if you are a Britney fan, but if you aren’t then just listen to it.


Rating: 3.5 Bitches that need to work out of 5


Due to the lawsuit with Spotify, we won’t be posting a streaming link to the album until it’s cleared up. Here’s the link for the Apple Music stream

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