Top 5ive: High School Musical


It’s been 10 years since the world was introduced to High School Musical. The franchise that gave the world Zac Efron’s abs, Vanessa Hudgens when she still had Anne in her name and was not making out with creepy James Franco, and the urge to have high school students busting down social barriers while bursting out in song. Welcome to High School Musical Week here at The Pop Project! To kick the week off right, I’m counting down the wondering soundtrack of the first movie and the gems that Zac Efron hardly sang on. Here’s the Top 5ive songs of High School Musical!

5. We’re All in This Together

To kick off the countdown, why not have the song that everyone knows the dance moves! It’s the closing number after the big game that everyone and their mother attended in matching attires and sorted colors. The song even has a nice breakdown that is constantly played over and over throughout the first movie. It’s like they couldn’t come up with another snippet to use to get us to buy the album.

4. Start of Something New

All it took was a snowy New Year’s Eve and a random guy to set up Troy and Gabriella for a karaoke song against their will because of a high school student’s worse nightmare: peer pressure. The song kinda of started the ball rolling when it comes to the message of the movie. As well as started the ball rolling when it comes to the Troy-Gabriella relationship that would take literally another movie to blossom into full romance.

3. Bop To the Top

It’s the song that made everyone think they knew Spanish because how it incorporated it into this latin song that is pretty much the Ryan and Sharpay number that everyone remembers. It’s over the top, and catchy, like most of the songs off of the first movie.

2. What’ve Been Looking For

It was the first Disney song that was constantly played over and over on every commercial break. It also doesn’t help that there is two different versions of it. There was the poppy version sung by Sharpay and Ryan and then the ballad version by Troy and Gabriella. The song was rather catchy and a well written. Hence why it’s at the number two spot.

1. Breaking Free

It’s the song that literally is why it became a franchise. It’s literally the best song that has come out of series. It’s perfection. It starts out slow and then hits it’s mark and speeds up like it’s nobody’s business. It gets stuck in your head and you don’t want it out. It’s also the big moment in the movie where it all comes together and they finally full “break free” of all  the social barriers.


Honorable Mention: I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

This song is everything. It’s one of the best songs that isn’t in the movie.


Do you agree with our Top 5ive? If no, what songs would you have on it from the first movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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