Top 5ive: High School Musical 2


It’s time for the Top 5ive of the second highest-rated Disney Original Movie of all time! High School Musical 2 brings your favorite wildcats during their summer vacation as they try to milk more money out of this franchise by taking the first movie’s plot and changes the setting and key plot points–we all know it’s true. So here is the top 5ive songs from HSM2.

5. What Time is it

It’s the greatest get ready for summer anthem plan and simple. It’s the first time that all three pairs are featured and it’s pretty much in epic fashion. You have a lunchroom and hallway dance party, huge ass human wave. It was everyone’s dream to break out in this song was they were leaving for summer vacation.


4. Bet it On it

Nowadays, you probably know the clip of the song from someone epically combining it with Frozen’s “Let it Go.” Also known as Sassy Zac Efron. But this was one of Zac’s first solo numbers using his own voice. In case you didn’t know, They blended Zac’s voice with Drew Seeley’s voice for all the songs. It’s really noticeable in parts. This song is epic.


3. I Don’t Dance

This was the most interesting numbers that they incorporated dating with baseball. It also doesn’t involve Zac but rather Lucas and Corbin, which did really well pulling this off. This looked liked a hard af number to pull off. It’s pretty much the best.


2. You Are the Music in Me

The “What I’ve Been Looking For” of the movie and of Disney for a year and a half after the movie premiered. This song was on the Disney Channel more than HSM2–literally. They pretty much played the movie all weekend for it’s premiered and then nothing until the end of the year. WTF? But it’s a nice little song that is a Groy duet that is later covered by Sharpay in a more poppy version of it.


1. Fabulous

THIS.SONG. It started the tradition that Sharpay and Ryan get the best and flashy numbers. This song is pretty much icon. It literally speaks for itself.

Do you agree with our list for HSM2 Top 5ive? Let us know in the comments below.

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