Zayn and his love for Pillowtalk


Zayn Malik, who made a very well publicized exit from the british pop group “One Direction” last march, released his first single entitled “Pillowtalk” on January 29 for this début solo album called “Mind of Mine.” And oh boy, has this single caused some much drama in the Directioner community.

“Pillow talk” is a far cry from the songs and albums that Zayn, who pulled a Madonna and doesn’t have a last name anymore, performed as a member of the biggest boy band of this decade. The song has an explicit” label next to it for one, which I like when teen stars have a mouth like a sailor.  It’s also not in the pop genre but rather in the R&B genre, which fits Zayn’s voice so well. Along with a mouth like a sailor, “Pillowtalk is full of adult themes and explores love with the bedroom being both a paradise and warzone (that must be some kinky stuff if Zayn is calling the bedroom a war zone).

The video itself is beautiful done with different colors and shots to make it an art piece instead of people just having fights and sex all day. It’s pretty much just one big love fest on acid. Like the song, the music video is also explicit. Mainly it’s a woman with her nipples covered opening her legs to show a flower in her lovebox.

Overall, the song is very catchy and very well produced. The music video will probably not be something you will be watching over and over, but the song will be repeat over and over.

Here’s the music video:


Rating: 4 Pillows out of 5


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