Rated R for Really For Kids


So apparently there was an uproar caused when parents decided to take their children to see the movie “Deadpool” without actually looking at the rating for it….yeah.

Incase you have lived under a rock for the past couple of week/months, the movie starring Ryan Reynolds has an Rated because it’s full of nudity, swearing, violence, and other things that maybe you shouldn’t be showing kids. It holds nothing back and it’s amazing, if you are 17+. So now the parents that are probably the reason that we have such strict ratings, are bitching a holy fit because they didn’t know what the hell they were taking their kids to.

So instead of just “taking one for the team” and pushing under the rug because it’s rather bad that you don’t know what you are taking your child to see, they started a petition to get a PG-13 version of the movies so their children can see it too.

I’m a 24-year-old adult who is tired of having watered down version of things because “it’s for the children.” It ruins many things because it alienates people and ruins the chance for great movies to get sequels because they didn’t make any money. Leave the freaking movie alone and let it be rated R. Your child will probably still want to see the movie when they are legally allowed to watch Rated R movies (there were movies that I wanted to see when I was younger but couldn’t because of the rating. I watched them as an adult.)

Moral of the Story: Stop ruining the world for us adults because your whiny children want to see something that isn’t for them.

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