Make America Hot Again



It’s primary election day here in the great state of Ohio. Before you got out there and cast your vote, let me tell you about one candidate that hasn’t been at any of the debates or ran any ads–Paris Hilton.

She has pretty much the same qualifications as Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, but she isn’t as, we will call it vocal, as he is about topics like race and allowing the LGBTQIA to get marriage like the rest of the world because she really doesn’t give a flying Tinkerbell (RIP Tinkerbell).  She doesn’t care about race, orientionate, or gender and just views you as a person and judges you based on if you are hot or not, which is really how it should be.

And she’s also a DJ. I mean, we would be the envy of the world because what other world leader could DJ their own parties?  I don’t seen the Queen of England spinning a track. She’s literally the candidate for the Party Party. The political party that everyone has wanted since forever

Her Vice President would be amazing. I kinda hope it would be Nicole Richie and we could get a reboot of “The Simple Life.” I think we are the same page now this now. So vote for Paris Hilton and let’s make America hot again.


Here’s Paris’ plans as president:

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