Be Yourself


“The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in.” This quote constantly sticks in my head. It’s from the Season 5 Finale of one of my favorite shows “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”  Buffy says to her sister before she jumps into a mystical portal/blob to save her sister’s life. Here’s the full clip and quote if you wish watch it.

But the quote really doesn’t have any significant meaning for me. It’s just something that is just in my head and what I go to when I need a boost. I know what you are thinking, the quote is not really inspirational but it is depending on your outlook on it.

The way I view the quote is that why be something else than yourself because life is hard. Pretending to be someone else besides you are isn’t helping that. Being yourself is a hard thing to do, especially with how judgmental the world is somethings. But just being yourself, makes life a bit more easier and bearable.

People may make fun of you or try to keep you down but that’s only because they are trying to keep you all bottled up. They are probably trying to make their life less hard by making yours harder. If you have people doing this, then say screw them. You don’t need them. Yeah, it will be tough without them for a bit but in the end, you’ll find people who will love/like/respect you for who are.

Being yourself is the hardest thing to do in this world….yeah, I flipped the quote. But you will get so much more out of life and it will suck a little less. It might a take a hot moment to suck less but it eventually will. If you a guy that happens to love to collect dolls, then collect dolls if that makes you happy. If you a girl but love to work on cars, then get all greased up if you are happy. Do you get the moral of the story? Do and be what makes you happy.


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