Welcome to #FeaturedFriday! Where I talk about artist in the world of music, past and present, that I like. We kick it off with the a band many people in the US don’t think of when they think of the late 90s British pop scene-Steps.

Started in the late 1997, Steps was the epitome of the 90’s dance-pop/europop scene. They had catchy beats and hooks, as well as dance moves that everyone quickly learned and would perform at their sold out shows. Claire Richard, Lee Latchford Evans, Faye Tozer, Lisa Scott-Lee, and Ian “H” Watkins are widely considered one of the most successful pop acts across the pond. They had minimal success here in the States. Their remix version of “One For Sorrow” was the biggest hit here and even got them a Disney Channel Concert Special with the group Youngstown.

The band had a bitter breakup on the UK’s Boxing Day, December 26. But in 2011, they reunited and released 2 albums and a sold out of the UK. If you are fans of S Club 7 and Spice Girls, then you’ll love Steps. “Buzz,” their third album, is a little more like the pop music we had here in the states but all in all, it’s good pop music.


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