Top 5ive- Steps


In honor of them being our #FeaturedFriday Artist, I’m bringing you a special Top 5ive of Steps! Instead of featuring their songs, I’ll be showcasing videos for them whether that be the real Music Video or them performing the songs that make up the Top 5ive. Without further ado, here is the Top 5ive of Steps! (note: the audio/video isn’t 4k. It was taken from the late 90’s-early 00’s. Get over it)


5. 5,6,7,8

Their first single, “5,6,7,8,” isn’t in the style of what their music would turn out to be. It’s pretty much a line dance that took the UK and the world by storm. It’s a rather catchy line dance with a dance to pick up than most of the American artist songs with a dance.



4. Tragedy

“Tragedy” is their biggest hit as their take on the famous Bee Gee’s song. The song is what made them a household name and had everyone making a touchdown motion around their head… as well as their friends saving them from their wedding and having a huge dance party after it.



3. Here and Now

This song and music video just scream early 00’s music. Plain and simple. It’s also catchy, like most of the music.



2. One for Sorrow

The song was their d├ębut to the States in all of their Tommy Hilfiger goodness, remember it was the late 90s, that was a big deal to wear. It was their ode to a broken heart. Claire is the lead vocals on the song and it’s amazing vocals, especially on the non-remix version.



1. Deeper Shade of Blue

This actually a favorite of mine. It’s just different lyric wise from the stuff they did at the start. It’s just a great version of the song.

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