Movie Review: ‘Deadpool’


Deadpool is amazing-plain and simple. This is my review of it because like I said, it was amazing.

The movie follows Wade Wilson from the start of him of becoming Deadpool to him trying to get back the life that he had before   he took on the Deadpool mantle. While doing this, Wilson gets involved with 2 x-men, who are trying to get him to join up.

The movie was funny from the start of the movie until the last credit. It was extremely well written and planned out. The movie’s action scenes were amazing and rather gore-y. The blood splattering on the camera and screen was amazing. The movie even makes the flashbacks flow so well with the story the movie is trying to tell in current time.  Not many movies are able to pull this off. I never got bored in between.

Ryan Reynolds shines as Deadpool. He made the character and his comedic timing was on fleek. Cultural references with the comedy adds an extra layer to the movie, especially when Wilson makes sarcastic comments about Reynolds, breaking the fourth wall, and other production notes.

Overall, the movie fit the amount of hype that it got. The movie is a masterpiece, the advertisement for it was extremely well planned out. This movie was/is amazing.

The movie is available now via Digital Download. It will be available on May 10 on DVD and Blu-Ray



Rating: 6 bullets to the head out of 5

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