Movie Review: ‘Dirty Grandpa’


“Dirty Grandpa” is one of those movies that will make some people go “ehh” and some people go “nayyy.”

The movie follows as Robert De Niro talks Zac Efron into driving him to his home in Boca. Along the way, the two stop at spring break where De Niro meets up with two college girls. All four of them party and go on a crazy adventure of life discovery and….sprang break.

The movie is a very dirty movie. It’s dirty from the start and keeps being dirty until the very end. It’s sometimes raunchier than any Zefron movie that he has done.

Zefron and De Niro are a little strange pairing but they kind of work. Zefron is more of the “I’m not comfortable doing this” while De Niro is balls to the walls. They work but at the same time it’s kind of like “this wouldn’t happen.” Aubrey Plaza pretty much steals the show because she’s her normal funny self.

At this point in his career, Zefron just needs to show the goods. This is the most nudity he has shown, which is saying a lot since it’s his butt and parts of this manhood. Stop teasing it and just show it already. Once it’s out in the opening, it’s going to be no big deal.

Overall, it’s not a horrible movie but it’s not a great one. I recommend watching it if you are looking for a stupid dirty raunchy movie.

The movie is out now digitally. It will be available on May 17 for DVD and Blu-Ray


Rating: 3.5 shots of Zefron butt out of 5.

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