What not to wear this summer


It’s almost summer time and summer means that people will be wearing less clothing than what they probably should be wearing or wearing something that should be worn by no one. So I’m here today, to report to the masses what items of clothing that you shouldn’t be wearing this summer.



While people tend to wear these all year-long, many people wear them in the summer. CROCS ARE UGLY! They are an eye sore. They should be banned by all types of laws. They look like you murdered Daffy and Donald Duck and took off their bills to make yourself have comfortable food wear. Yes, I understand that they are comfortable but sometimes you have to ask yourself. Do I want to be comfortable or do I want to look like a loser?

If you decide to go with the latter, then at least don’t wear them with socks. That is defeating the purpose of them in a sense and it makes you look like you ate glue in kindergarten. We will get together later on about what else you shouldn’t wear socks with, but this is tacky.


Tube Tops

Before I go onto this, my attentions isn’t to body or slut shame. I’m just trying to help you see the light if you have some of these items. Ladies, don’t wear a tube top. No one ever can pull off a tube top. Unless your girls are “perky girls,” which is still no guarantee that the top will hold, you will be pulling your top to not frighten children by flashing the girls. There isn’t enough tape or elastic that can keep that shirt on without a strap. There isn’t a perfect body size either for one. There’s no win win for it. Either it looks like a string or it looks like a dress, which is still a bad thing.

Also, if you are going to wear one, don’t wear any sort of bra with straps under it, it looks tacky af. It just looks bad. Very very bad.


Cut off Jean Shorts

Just because you can cut a pair of jeans, doesn’t mean you should. Jean shorts are a no to begin with but cut off jean shorts is a sin and you’re going to hell.It’s just bad. There’s nothing more to say about this. It’s just bad and don’t do it. If you are that concerned about keeping those jeans, then just framing.


Socks and Sandals

This is the iconic worst thing to wear. I don’t care if they are flip-flops, slipper,┬ásport sandals, or gladiator sandals-never wear socks with them. It’s just a horrible life decision and you will end up not having any friends about it. It’s just bad. Just don’t do it, at all. It’s not worth it.


Swimsuit when not swimming

You know that bikini that you were looking to wear but not going to a pool or beach? Don’t wear it around in public like you are a slutty and lonely mother that is trying to seduce the pool boy. Unless you are attending an event that the attire is swimwear, then keep it in the dresser or hanging in your closet. It’s not cute unless you are under 10.

Also, don’t wear your swimsuit under your clothing, that is just weird.


These are a few of the clothing not to wear this summer. Hopefully, this will help you make better clothing and life decisions.

If you have any more, tweet us about it @Steven_Kaufman or let us know in the comments below!

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