How NOT to drive


Dear people of the interwebs,

Take a seat because I’m going to give you a lesson in driving because there are things that piss me off when I’m driving. I’m going to help you not piss others off because road rage isn’t something to joke about. So I’m going to break it down for you so that you can understand and improve.

  • There is a reason why we have speed limits- Like most streets and Lindsay Lohan, this goes both ways. If you are going 10-20mph under the speed limits and there isn’t a reason for it, just don’t do it. I don’t need you hindering my progress to my destination when I’m trying to go the speed limit. It’s not hard to go the speed limit. If you find it hard too, then you shouldn’t drive. If you are passing everyone, then you need to slow your ass down. Going 70 mph in a 55 is a sure-fire way to get yourself in a car crash and that isn’t good. You can’t win that one. Just go the freaking speed limit and it will be fine.
  • When you trying to leave the parking lot, use the preexisting lanes-  In most parking lots,each row of parking spaces has their own lane that is split to separate lanes incoming and outgoing traffic (Lane inception is the correct term for it). All the lanes lead to an exit, probably the same exit. Don’t do a u-turn in the middle of traffic just to pick other row’s outgoing lane because “it’s going to be the fastes way out.” THEY ALL GO THE SAME DIRECTION AND THE U-TURN WILL END UP TAKING UP MORE TIME! It’s also very dangerous because you are probably not paying attention like a dumbass and will end up causing an accident. In case you didn’t know, accidents aren’t a good thing to cause. A good thing to cause is a smile or a fit of laugher. Accidents are neither one of those things.
  • Turn signals aren’t just to flash people- Turn signals are a very important tools for when you are looking to turn a corner. It alerts the traffic coming pass you and behind you that you are planning on turning onto another road/street/grass. Without this, they will just hit you if they don’t stop in time. It’s actually against the law to not use your turn signals and the police will even stop you to let you know if you have a turn signal that is blinking (that means there is a problem with the other signal). Do everyone a favor and just use them. Especially when you are passing people on the road. That is just idiotic and you might as well just ride a bicycle with glass flying off of it. Just remember “Flash it before you pass it!”
  • Stop signs just aren’t for decoration- Stop signs are used to help not create accidents. Normally, one stops there for 3 seconds before you move. You aren’t suppose to stop for a milisecond and then go because then they would just have them. It would just be a turn.

These are just a few things that pisses me off to no end when I’m driving and people do these things. While I’m not perfect, I’m not this bad. Feel free to send this to people that do these things. Hopefully, this will help people not be go to jail or start in their own illegal version of “Fast and the Furious.”


Do you have any pet peeves that people do when drive that pisses you off? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Steven_Kaufman.

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