Why sharing a Facebook with your Boo is not okay


Hello and welcome back to where I judge people on their social media decisions and make comments in order to help them. Now I don’t call out people my name because I’m not looking to snatch edges, but rather to educate. This is not geared towards anyone in particular and if you think it’s about you then you are very self-centered and need to check thyself. So as you probably could guess from the title, we will be discussing why couples shouldn’t share a Facebook. I know what  you may be thinking, and yes, one would think that this would be common sense but apparently it’s not if I get to educate the mass on this subject. Grab your notebook to take notes because their will be a quiz at the end of the lesson.

Now, most couples find it cute to openly share one account, and it can be if done in the right circumstances. But often, it’s just viewed as there is no trust in that relationship. If there is no trust, then all you have is rust. When there is rust, there is no us. I’ll give you a moment to sink all that in because that as Titanic at the bottom of the ocean deep (too soon?).

If your significant other cheated on you and you are sharing a Facebook in order to watch them, then you are a bitch/bastard/tool. Yes, they made a mistake but you don’t need to babysit them like they are 5 years old (unless you are in that #nojudgement). Watching their Facebook is something you don’t need to do. You might as well just say “Forget You!” and move on because obviously they broke your trust (see the top statement). If you can’t forgive them, then you should just set them free like Nelly Furtado is free like a bird.

If you are the person that cheated with someone who you met on Facebook, then I have one question for you- Are you in High School? Do you have any dignity? That was two questions but no adult/self-respecting person would cheat on someone with someone that met on Facebook. That’s so 2009. If you are going to cheat, then at least do it on something more popular and mainstream. (Note: I’m not condoning cheating on significant other)

And to the side person: Have more respect for yourself and don’t go whoring yourself out on Facebook! You are way better than just being “that side hoe.” Hoe is also now a unisex term and if it’s not, I’m making it so.  Also, if you decided to live a life as a side hoe, then at least do it on something other than Facebook. That just screams lonely and living in your parent’s basement.

That is today’s lesson and I hope that it will help you and your boo make more educated so that you don’t make same bad decisions. Here’s the quiz (did you think I was joking?). It’s just your opinion on the matter.


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