#FeaturedFriday Aly & AJ


It’s time for another #FeaturedFriday! And since Disney Channel still has us feeling the feels from the weekend long DCOM, Disney Channel Original Movie, I decided to let the spotlight shine on the duo that took the Disney Channel by storm-Aly & AJ.

Alyson Michalka starred in the underlooked classic known as “Phil of the Future.” She sang a little song in an episode and the next thing we know, AJ Michalka came into the scene and two sang “Do You Believe in Magic?” for Aly’s new movie about magic (I think it was called “Now You See It.” It was okay. I watched for Aly. She did good). They were this rocker girls that made really good music with meaning. My inner tween self related to the music they were putting out.  They released another studio album and a christmas album before they changed their name to “78Violet” and went off on their own. 

They have been busy acting, releasing the killer new single “Hothouse.” They are now back as Aly & AJ and working on a new album!!!

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