Summer of twist is almost here

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On June 22, it’s officially the start of the newest season of the CBS reality show “Big Brother.” As we eagerly wait for the twistedly twisted twist full summer of twist and the first ‘But First,’ it’s time to prep ourselves that way we are prepared for the show that has more twists than something twisty (let’s make a drinking game: everytime, I say twist-you take a drink).

You need to let your friends, family, and co-workers know that you will be un-reachable for the summer because let’s be real-the live feeds is where it’s at. It’s where you see all the uncensored goodness. You time will be locked onto the feed whether that be on the computer, a stream device, or your phone.

Then you need to play your night around the show schedule so you can be there, especially for all the live evictions because it’s becomes a fun game to say “It’s official, insert houseguest has been evicted from the Big Brother house” along with Chenbot, also known as Julie Chen. It’s also fun when she gives them a curve ball that makes their heart stop.

After you do that, prepare to look at the cast and judge the living hell out of them based on their profiles and pictures. Don’t pick a favorite because it will end up changing once they enter the house and open their mouth. People that you thought you would like (*cough*Frankie Grande*cough*), you end up wanting to punch in the face with a glitter bomb. Especially when they do their twistedly sarcastic and over acted reaction to the summers twistedly twisted twist of the summer of twists. Then don’t get too attached because they will end up leaving in the first couple of weeks because they are too legit for the house like our girl Audrey last summer.

Finally, expected the unexpected emotions because you will feel the feels, especially when your fave wins, gets nominated, wins/loses veto, and goes home (just plan on your favorite to go home. Also plan on having multiple). It gets intense, especially when you hear the words “House Meeting” because that means it’s going down like the Titanic (still too soon?).

Hopefully this help you plan and prep for the summer of twist. Big Brother season 18 will begin on Wednesday, June 22 at 8 pm. The cast will be revealed on Monday, June 13. Just remember this:


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