Double the Earths in Season 2

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Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect, it’s now time to review the second season of the CW show “The Flash.” So let’s sit down and reflect on the happens. Contains Spoilers.

The second season dealt with the ramifications of what happened in the season one finale, which was that a portal(s) opened across central city that led to Earth 2, which was just like their earth but different. This led to being the focal point of the season plot as Jay Garrick is introduced as Barry’s counterpart as “The Flash.” Jay doesn’t have his speedforce due to Zoom, the big bad for the season, taking it in his quest in order to become the fastest person alive. We also get Earth 2 Harrison Wells back into the picture as a less evil but more sarcastic and refreshingly honest. Then it turns out that Jay is evil and blackmailing Harrison because he has his daughter (It’s like Taken but with speedster). Jay is actually Zoom, and he turns on Team Flash. The season also teases a major connection between Barry and Iris. It also introduces Wall West, who becomes a major character in this season.

Caitlin and Cisco really shine in this season as they have more character development than in the past.  They are given more time to shine, especially with the realization that Cisco is a metahuman. The same goes for Iris and Joe but it’s a little less since they have more character development than the other two.

The best part of this season was the Earth 2 counterparts of Laurel Lance (Black Siren), Caitlin (Killer Frost), Robbie (Deathstorm), and Cisco (Reverb). It was amazing to see them evil. Black Siren was my favorite. I like that they didn’t kill off Black Siren, it leave it open for Katie Cassidy to return (I hope for a Black Siren vs White Canary).

The season finale was amazing but a little weird. It kind of pointless in a sense but it worked. The cliffhanger where Barry says his mother also made me think of where the hell they were thinking of going with that, especially when Iris and Barry kissed before that and Iris told Barry she would wait for him. Oh, Jay was the Earth 3 flash and Barry is a ophan now. Barry won btw.

Overall, I highly enjoyed season two. It was well written and all of it helped and led to the story. The big bad this season wasn’t a big bad but more as a small bad. The finale cliffhanger was executed well. It setting up nicely for the season three, which is rumored to be the flash point storyline.

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