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So I was on my personal Facebook page and one of my friends posted this on their page:


I read this to myself and I was slightly wondering why anyone wouldn’t talk about their goals. Apparently, this is something people use for self-love when I was researching it. I’m calling BS on that to an extent. I personally don’t find this as self-love because if you loved yourself, why wouldn’t you want to openly share your goals? Because if you are setting goals, especially for yourself, why should you try to hide them? Are you ashamed of the fact you have those goals?

Those goals are part of your story. While your story is different and unique to you, it’s not something you shouldn’t share. Especially when you could use the people you tell as a support system or motivation to you regardless if they are supportive or not. Sharing your goals could help you check them off of your goals. I can understand not sharing your goals if they are something really personal,but like I said, talking about your goals is not a bad thing.

One of my goals is to cut back on my pop/soda drinking. I told people about it and they are being supportive of it. I even have one friend that hasn’t drank pop/soda in over three months so we talk about how we miss it and all of it sounds good. Talking about missing it helps with not having it. All I’ve drunk for the last two weeks is water or Gatorade. Now that I’ve done it for that long, the competitive side of me is taking over and I want to see how long I can go without any so I can be better. The goal of that is to be a healthier version of me. I’m sharing that so that if someone else is going through the same thing, they know through me that it isn’t that bad.

Here’s a list of the recent goals that I have:

  • Start to be comfortable in your own skin
  • Love yourself no matter what
  • Cut back on pop/soda
  • Be Healthier
  • Worry less about things you don’t have any control over
  • Continue to write your story and don’t settle for nothing less than what you want
  • Be completely comfortable in your own skin

So, please. Don’t keep your goals to yourself. You never know who you will impact with your goals. Telling people about your goals my even help you achieve your goals in a way you never thought out. You just never know. Because others have similar goals to mine, I draw inspiration from them to complete the goals. If they could do it, then I can too. Besides, completely goals isn’t easy. It’s rather hard. So sharing goals and using others as inspiration help motivate and make them slightly easier.

What are your goals? If you would like to share them, feel free to leave them in the comment below.

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