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So in honor of the release of the Big Brother 18 cast on Monday, I thought I would break down some of the BB terminologies for those of you that don’t know what the hell they are saying. Welcome to The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman’s “Big Brother Dictionary.”Like a real dictionary, there is no picture so suck it up!

Head of Household

  • The Head of Household is the most power player in the game for a period of a week. During that week, the houseguest that wins the competition will nominate two houseguests for eviction. The Head of Household also competes in the Power of Veto in order to keep the nominations the same. The Head of Household has their own private bedroom and bathroom, a spy tv where the see the live feeds through (minus audio), is not a have-not for the week, and is also safe for a week. When the Battle of the Block twist is in play, there are two Heads of Household. The Head of Household is ineligible to complete for the following weeks Head of Household competition until Top Three. Then there is a three-part Head of Household competition (I’ll explain that later on in the dictionary). The Head of Household doesn’t vote to evict unless there is a tie. Also known as HOH.


  • The Head of Household nominates two people for eviction during the Nomination ceremony. The houseguest each have a key to the Big Brother House. The houseguests are considered safe for the time being when their key is pulled or if their key isn’t turned when it’s in the box. If their key isn’t pulled or is in the box, then they are nominated for eviction. There is four nominees when the Battle of the Block twist is in play. Also known as “On The Block.”

Battle of the Block

  • The Battle of the Block twist involves having two Heads of Household and four nominees (each Head of Household nominates two houseguests). In the competition, the nominees compete against each other in order to get off the block and be safe for the remainder of the week. The winning nominees also dethrone the Head of Household that nominated them, also allowing them to get nominated if the remaining Head of Household chooses to put them up if the Power of Veto is used.


  • Have-nots are houseguest that is forced to eat Big Brother Slop, live in an uncomfortable bedroom, and take cold showers for a full week. Have-Nots are chosen either by a competition or chosen by the Head of Household.

Power of Veto

  • The Power of Veto competition is a chance where the two nominated to get off the block. Six houseguests play in the competition; The Head of Household, the two nominees, and the other two houseguests is chosen at random until the Top Six. After the Top Six, they play for Power of Veto until the Top Three. The winner of the Power of Veto can use it on themselves if nominated, on another nominee, or not at all. This takes place in the Power of Veto meeting. There has been a player in the game that won the Power of Veto and used it on the other nominee or not at all while “On the Block.” The Power of Veto winner doesn’t choose the replacement nominee if used, the Head of Household does unless it’s a special Power of Veto. Also known as POV.


  • The plan of getting a houseguest out of the house without allowing them to prevent it. Normally, the Head of Household would nominate two “pawns” up on the block and set up a slightly fake plan in order to throw off the true target out. The true backdoor occurs when the target is not picked to play for the Power of Veto. In the Power of Veto meeting, the veto will be used and the true target will go up for eviction. Here is the official first backdoor, it’s iconic:


  • The houseguest votes among selected houseguest nominated by the Head of Household. There is usually two houseguest to be nominated but can be three. The houseguest that gets the majority of the votes is evicted from the house and is either sent home or to the jury house depending on when in the season they are evicted.

Double Eviction

  • It’s a night in the season where two houseguests are sent home. After the first eviction, the Head of Household competition, Nomination Ceremony, Power of Veto competition and ceremony, and another eviction occurs before the end of the show.

Instant Eviction

  • Popularized in the Canadian version of “Big Brother,” an Instant Eviction occurs like a Double Eviction but with a twist. The newly crowned HOH makes nominations without the input of any other houseguest. Normally, they are sequestered in the war room, the diary room, HOH room, or a room separate from the house. There’s no Power of Veto competition during an Instant Eviction, but rather just jumps to the eviction vote.

Triple Eviction

  • Popularized in the Canadian version of “Big Brother,” a Triple Eviction occurs like a Double Eviction but turned on its head. The newly crowned HOH makes nominations of three houseguests inside of the normal two. Six houseguests compete in the Power of Veto competition. The HOH though is ineligible to compete in it. After the Power of Veto ceremony, the houseguest vote on which houseguest they would like to save. The two houseguest with the least amount of vote to stay will be the two houseguests evicted from the game.

Diary Room

  • This is a room in the house where each houseguest goes and chats with a producer and to a camera. Usually, in there, they talk a lot of smack on and say what’s on their mind. The houseguest also votes in the diary room, record their goodbye messages for the evicted houseguest, and narrate the game during certain points. The room is the most private room in the house as no one hears what is said in there. Also known as the DR.


  • During mid-way through the season, evicted Houseguest is sent to a different house where they are secluded until the finale night where they vote for the winner of Big Brother. This is called Jury and is usually made up of seven to nine houseguest. Each of the evicted houseguests brings with them a DVD to share of their eviction with the other houseguest. The DVD features only the Nominations, the POV Ceremony, HOH/POV competitions, and the eviction. The finale member of the jury is usually selected on finale night.

Final Head of Household Competition

  • The final Head of Household competition is the most complex in the game. There is three-part to the final competition. It’s a best of two series style. The winners of the first and second parts compete in the third part in order to become the final Head of Household. The two houseguest that didn’t win is automatically put up for eviction with the Head of Household being the sole vote to evict.


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