Nick Jonas new album isn’t complicated


Today is the day that Nick Jonas released his new album “Last Year Was Complicated.” And because it was released, it’s time our my review of it because why not!

The album itself is pretty much the same style that he did on his last album. It’s also pretty much a sexual album but way more personal than the one he did before. This album is centered around a breakup like all good music is.

I do have to say that him swearing and talking about sex weirdness that occurred when listening to his second album is now gone. I think it because I’m used to it by now. While we are on the subject, let’s chat about how Kevin is so far the only one not to be PG-13/Rated R. Joe is singing about having sex on the beach while Nick is talking about how he prefers one night stands…erm, “Bacon.”

“Voodoo,” “Under You,” and “Comfortable” is a few of the really good tracks on the album the whole album is a good listen.

Overall, the album is a good listen to. It has a lot of hits on it and it’s still catchy. It’s a lot more dance orientated and a little less sexual. Nick still wants you to have sex to his music but we more of dancing first.

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