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Social Media is now a big part of our lives in the year 2016. We have folders on our cellular phone just dedicated to the apps. Social Media makes up 75% of our cellular phone use according to me. So I compiled a list of Social Media that is too much to handle at times.


Instagram is rather annoying at times. It’s either sexy attractive people, animals that make you go “aww,” or food. There’s no happy medium at all. It’s the worst. It makes you feel bad about the way you look, makes you want to pet animals while wanting to have what the foodie that posted, which was an artistic picture of their Fruity Pebbles in a bowl with milk. It’s all the home of the awkward close up selfies. Don’t get me started on the filters. I will go on for days about the filters. Does Instagram have a point or is it just the land of misfit picture that make people want to hate their lives?

Snapchat is even worse than Instagram because it’s all vertical video and pictures. Who the hell wants to lay in bed¬†and watch a vertical video that is like 10 seconds? Not I. Then it has dumbass filters on there that can transform you into different things. While we are on the subject on Snapchat filters, if I have to see that damn dog filter anymore I will snap. Also, why is it called Snapchat and who actually uses it to chat to people? You might as well use FaceTime because it’s constantly interaction and it like a phone conversation. Another thing: STOP FREAKING SENDING NUDES TO EACH OTHER ON SNAPCHAT!!! THEY WILL END UP ON TUMBLR!!!!

Speaking of Tumblr, let’s go to that crapfest because I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is the point of it. Is it a blog site or what? All I see on it a bunch of bitchy fans fighting with each other with gif. All of it is so random that it doesn’t make any sense. Then people can add to it and make more bitchy comments which creates what I believe is called a “Tumblr Feud.” I think I just answered my question there.

Pinterest is just one of those apps where it makes people believe that they can do anything that is posted on that site. So it makes you feel like Martha Stewart. Then when you can’t food or make anything that is on your Pinterest board, you feel like a loser and a jackass for thinking that you could be. It like Instagram in that regards because it too makes you feel bad about self because you can’t pull off some of the ungodly things that are posted on it. Pinterest is pretty much mocking you and your inability to be amazing at baking and decor.
There will be another article dedicated to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook because that is all one big giant hot mess.


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