Big Brother 18 is here!

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It’s official, the summer of secrets has begun and our lives will be consumed with the game of Big Brother until September. 12 houseguest have entered the house along with 4 returning houseguest and it’s been a hectic first week. This doesn’t contain who is on the block, the new competition, or anything besides the first HOH. That will be in the next recap. Before we get into the drama, let’s meet the houseguest!

Let’s meet the four returning houseguest:

The twist

Besides the returning houseguests, Julie Chen announced that the houseguest will be playing in teams for the first part of the game (let’s be real; this twist will ended around week 3). The teamsĀ competedĀ in three competitions; The first comp was to pick which team would be safe for two evictions that was won by Team Unicorn (Victor, James, Natalie,Bronte). The remaining three competed with the losing team would compete against each other to see who would be the first evicted and would pick who would be the first HOH. Big Sister (Da’Vonne,Jozea,Paul, and Zakiyah) and Category 4 (Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, Paulie) became safe in the second comp. Freakazoids (Nicole, Corey, Glenn, and Tiffany) competed and Glenn was sent packing and Nicole becoming the first HOH.

Newbies vs Returners

Led by Paul “the loud mouth,” the some of the newbies are gunning for the heads of James, Nicole, Da’Vonne, and Frank. Apparently they don’t know that this never ends well for them. But this was a first a secret plan but then Jozea and all of them spilled everything to everyone and sung like a canary. Yeah. Paulie, Tiffany, and Corey got on the right idea to work with them.


Corey, a goat, and a hashtag

So far, Corey is our first controversy of the season. He told a story about watching one of his fraternity try to light a goat on fire. yes, you have read that right. To top it off, it’s also used gay/homophobic slur on twitter and keeps saying he’s not gay in the house like being gay is a bad thing. He also said he was going to beat the you know what out of Nicole….yeah, the internet is having a field day. They have asked for him to be expelled from the game and other things that more than likely isn’t going to happen.


Like I said, this is just a rundown and I’ll get into the rest after the eviction on Thursday.

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