What is Pride

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Yesterday, there was a hashtag that became trending on twitter that slightly ticked off the internet.#HeterosexualPrideDay. Since the world doesn’t seem to understand why pride events are a big deal, I’m going to break down what exactly pride is.

Pride isn’t something the LGBTQ does to rub in your face whether you are for or against people right to be who they are and love who they want to love. It’s a celebration of being who you and celebrating the ability to love who ever you want to love regardless of gender. It’s done as a way to promote equality because it some countries, people in the LGBTQ community can get murdered for being themselves.

Do Heterosexuals get killed loving who they love like that no? Heterosexuals don’t have to worry about hate crimes happening to them based on sexuality. Heterosexual aren’t oppressed like the LGBTQ community. Pretty much everyday is Heterosexual Pride Day then.

I also found this online that full states the internet’s opinion on it:


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