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Every Television show these days wants high ratings and social media engagement¬†is key to having a successful show. People talking about your show on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Reality/competition shows are big on social media engagement. So much so that they have a hashtag for every segment/competition/part of the show. They will start with the show hashtags (ex. #TheFacesofGreed), then they will then have a new hashtag for any show competitions (ex. #LightsofHope, #TheFacesVote). On top of that, they will then give a more hashtags to use for each of the contestants (ex.#FOGLana, #FOGJEFF), or use an abbreviation for their name (ex. #FOG). We need to have an intervention because it’s becoming #toomuch.

I totally get why they do it but they are trying too hard. What’s the point of having multiple ones? Most people only would use the main one for the show. And is it really necessary to give each competitor a hashtag? They probably have a twitter account that the fans have already stalked and followed, just use those. It will create buzz for them and let them get more involved with the competitors and let them be emotional invested because they get to see a different side of them that won’t be shown on the show.

Having multiple hashtags is confusing and takes aways from the show’s content because they keep popping up on-screen every 5 minutes. Literally, they pop up on-screen and it’s not tiny but rather noticeable on the top or bottom on the screen. It just takes away from the show and the storyline you are portraying (yes, reality/competition shows still have a storyline whether we want to believe it or not.

I hope that shows will take a look on how they are doing their social media engagement because #toomuch hashtags is hurting their product.

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