Britney ‘Make Me’ want to dance

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Today is the day that we have all been waiting for! Britney Spears finally released her newest single off of her 9th studio album. “Make Me…” is the lead single off the album and was a surprise release to all the fans.

The song is nothing we have heard from the singer in a long time.  It’s more R&B than it is pop music and it’s a welcome change. It’s a slow burner and more adult than last summer’s single “Pretty Girls,” which we won’t talk about because that was a different time. But single starts off with a very good beat and it works because it’s like a slow jam and then the chorus is where the song shines.

The lyrics are deep and aren’t the usual stuff that Brit sings about. It’s very sexual, as you could tell by the title. It’s what “Britney Jean” should have been as it was marketed as Britney’s “most personal album.” If this is what B9 is going to be, it’s going to be a game changer. “Make Me…” is going to be the new summer song. G-Eazy don’t take anything away from the song either, which is a first.

Here’s the song for your ears to go oooooh:

Rating: 5 oooh out of 5


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