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There are many things I don’t understand in the world, even at the age of 25 (yes, this blog is maintained by a 25-year-old. Sometimes, it’s questionable). So I thought that we would go over things that I don’t understand. Some of this is going to be comedy but others will be serious because this world is just so big and hard to understand.

  • Why people are concerned with knowing people’s sex/love life: Does it really matter if John Doe is banging John Roe? How does their love or their sex life going to hurt them? All that should matter is if they are happy. The same things goes about whether or not Jane Doe is sleeping with the entire town. Sure, it’s unsafe and very unhealthy. But as long as she’s happy, who cares what/who she is doing. It’s doesn’t affect your life or your daily business…unless she is sleeping with your significant other. Then you should be concerned.
  • Who let the dogs out: Those poor dogs were just let out and weren’t given any food or water. No one wanted to take responsibility for it either. So while those “Baha Men” are figuring out, those dogs are trying to survive in the world and they don’t care enough to just put them back in.
  • Why society things being single is a bad thing: Society thinks that being single is a horrible thing. It’s makes people think that they are going to live alone if they don’t have someone. Like 15 year olds are freaking out that if aren’t in a relationship instead of enjoying and discovering who they are. Being single isn’t a bad thing, sure it sucks sometimes-it’s just a way for you to become a better you for your person.
  • How many licks does it really take to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsie roll pop: Seriously, how many licks does it take? I want to know because I will never figure this out because after a certain point, I get bored and I want the tootsie roll. The freaking owl was really rude to that kid by eating that whole tootsie roll pop.
  • Why is money important: Everyone wants to be rich and famous because they want so much money. It’s just green pieces of paper yet it holds us hostage.

This is just a few of the things I don’t understand. I could go on and on with a longer one but that’s for another day. Let me know in the comments below somethings you don’t understand.

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