Too many awards shows

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We have a slight problem, America. We are addicting to having award shows and giving out awards. Think about it, how many award shows do we really need?

All the awards shows are totally counter productive of each other. Who needs 10 award shows for movies? Do we have 10 awards shows to give movies equal amount of chances to get an award that is absolutely meaningless 9 times out of 10? We have the big three award shows that really are important. Those three are: Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys. They cover most of the entertainment industry. Oscars are for movies, Emmys are for television, and Grammys are for music. There’s also the golden globe but it’s not as prestigous. But if you don’t win an award or get nominated for one of those three, stuck it up and move on with your life.

Everyone shouldn’t get an award. The fact there are multiple award shows is hurting the respective industries because the awards hurt the other one. Yes, I do think we need to have awards that the public/fans pick but there should be one for the industry and that’s it. An all-inclusive award show that allows everyone, no matter what age, votes in. Let’s be real: Do we need to have genre specific award shows?

So let’s cut down the amount of awards show and try to rebuild the meaning and prestige of giving out an award.


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