Buying a cuddle buddy

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Are you feeling alone this summer or just need a good cry into some loving arms? Well, there are sites that let you hire a cuddle buddy. That is right. These people are big into cuddling and will cuddle you for however long you want. This helps you get all the benefits of cuddling without having a significant other.

Now here’s how it works. You can either go to the cuddle’s place, they can come to you, or you could even go out. Then you cuddle in a platonic manner (if it gets dirty then you will black balled) or have yourself a platonic date because you’re sad and lonely #notalone. You can even have a sleepover with your cuddler. It’s the best of both world without having to be in a relationship. Who needs to date again.

So some of you may be thinking that this isn’t real but here is a link to a site. The site is geared towards more career oriented people due to they work too much in order to date (story of my life). I think that it’s great that there is a service like this because everyone need to feel loved and cuddling is the best way to do it. Cuddling is a great way to relive stress and the only time you can cuddle is with another person. Cuddling with friends can get awkward so why not get a stranger.


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