Why you should care: Olympics

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Today will start the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro and it’s pretty big deal. Some of you aren’t into sports and are probably wonder why you should watch the Olympics instead of binge watching all three season of Orange is the New Black. Well I’m here to explain why you should because it’s not like the Olympics are on every year.

  • The Opening and Closing Ceremony is one big concert: Every Olympic games’ opening and closing ceremony is big and grand. They feature music, dance, and other things that represents the country. The 2012 London games’ closing ceremony featured the freakin’ Spice Girls while the opening featured Paul McCartney. It’s pretty much concert of epic proportions and it’s amazing. The Bejing opening ceremony….that was lit-literally.
  • If you like guys…..:It features very athletic and attractive men in tight clothing #mancandy. Find your dream team of attractive olympians and cheer them on for the entire game.
  • If you like girls…..:It feature very athletic and attractive women in tight clothing #womancandy. Find your dream team of attractive olympians and cheer them on for the entire game. (Yes, I just objectified olympians in order to get people to watch the olympics.
  • Everyone comes together: This is the one were I get really deep. Everyone in the world put asides there differences and the language barrier in order to compete for a gold medal and to be the best in the world. It’s extremely beautiful to see everyone working together like that.
  • It’s like the Hunger Games: Replace the district with Countries and it’s pretty much the same thing…minus the death and killing part.
  • Everyone will be talking about it: The olympics will be taking up most of the month of August….so everyone will be talking about it. You won’t be able to escape it so you might as well be in the loop!

Those are some of the main reasons to watch the Olympics. Let me know in the comments below if you have anymore add!

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