Teens-only social media is safe?

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Have you ever wondered why no one has created a social network just for teens? A social network where no adults can realistically join? Well they have that now.

“Lifestage” is a teen-only version of Snapchat and Facebook mixed with Instagram. It’s an iPhone/iPad/iPod/iOS exclusive app that lets teens answer questions about themselves in short little videos. The videos then appear in the a feed for people to see. In order to join the upstart site, the user must be 21 and under to use the app. If you are above the age limit, you can join it but you won’t be able to chat/communicate with anyone. The app has features made into it that keeps parents, creepers, and others from stopping the user from using the app.

The kicker of the whole thing is that the app is made by a 19-year-old. That’s right, it’s made by a 19-year-old that works at Facebook. Did you design an app at the age of 19? I know I didn’t. The app overall sounds like something that is the right idea but is going about it in the wrong way. While it sounds like a good idea, i don’t see it ending well for Facebook. Like they have tried multiple times, Facebook has never been able to tackle the lead that Snapchat has over social media juggernaut. This app might be a step in the right direction, but the fact that it’s only for teens is what’s going to hurt it due to the issue that I’m not going to go over. Check out this app in the App Store if you are under 21 and what to try it out.


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