Haters gonna Hate

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This blog post is going to be a little big different from what some are used to but it’s something that I need to get off my chest. Don’t let anyone try to tear you down-no matter what they say. As Taylor Swift says, “Haters going to hate.”

People will say mean things and a lot of them will hurt. It will seem like everyone is out to get you because mean/bad things all will come at once. Just don’t let it get too you. Use it to prove them wrong and fuel you. It will seem like it will be eating you alive, which is fine to do. Just don’t let it control you to the point where it runs your life. If you need to cry, than cry (there’s no shame in crying). Do whatever you need to do to process that hate and then just let it go. It’s not worth your time.  Just move on from it and focus on just doing you. If it’s about your job, move on and take it with a gain of salt. Take the criticism as what’s it worth and let the hurtful words go. It’s not worth letting it eat you up over it because that’s what they want.

There’s just way too much hate going on in the world. People hating when they don’t need to. Hating is just a waste of your time. You could be doing more productive things with your life.  Hopefully, this helps someone dealing with hate because it’s not worth your time. If you are dealing with hate, just remember-you’re not alone and they are only hating because they aint you. I always feel sorry for that person because if they are consumed by hating on you, then they probably are having a rough time or just hateful people. If you are consumed by hate, then I’m sorry that you are and hope that one day, you will no longer be filled with hate. That is all for this. Thank you for reading this and I hope this helps with the hate.


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