Top 5ive: Reasons to stay in school

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For many students, school is now back in session no matter what level of schooling you are in. And for these students, they are all ready wondering when the next day off will be. So in honor of school being in session, here’s our Top 5ive reasons to say in school:

  1. Bills are horrible things: Bills are the devil because it takes up all or most of your paycheck. It doesn’t leave you with anything to spend on yourself to relax or enjoy. Bills are a horrible thing and whoever invented them need to be sent to prison.
  2. People expect more out of you: People hold you to higher standard in the real world. They have high expectations on what they expect from you, especially at work. And it’s hard stuff. You are also expected to work, pay taxes, and it’s all horrible. Have you started to notice a trend yet? If not, I expected you to by now.
  3. You think you have more free time but you work all the time: Sure, you have more of a say in what makes up your time but you work all the time so it leaves you to very little time to do anything else. And you cannot work because then you lose money. And if you work less, you lose money. Either way you lose money, and that is horrible (Drinking game: Take a shot every time I say horrible).
  4. No one to clean up after your mess: If you do something horribly bad, your parents are there to clean it up and ground you. You will either get fired, piss people off, go to jail, or all the above. Shiz gets serious in the real world. You could get horribly in trouble. It’s not all fun and games.
  5. Being in school is much easier than not being in school: In case you couldn’t tell by the other points, it’s just easier to remain in school. It’s less stressful than real world. It’s less responsibility. It’s literally the best of both worlds.


Hopefully this list helps keep you in school and wanted to stay in school while you are still able to. Stay in school.


Have any other points you would like to add? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @Steven_Kaufman. 

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