Big Brother Over The Top is the best


It’s only been a week into the first digital season of Big Brother entitled “Big Brother: Over The Top” and it’s so far the best season they have done in recent memory. But first, let’s go over what exactly is going on in the house and how this season is working.

This season is a raw season and exclusively on CBS’s streaming service “CBS All Access.” It’s all the live feed with everything and you see it all. We saw all the houseguest enter the house (which was a long drawn out process that made me want to stab myself in the eyes with a spoon). Then we get to see all the house finding out stuff from production and it’s like amazing because it’s stuff we don’t normally get to hear. We even get live diary room sessions!

The one downside of it is that it is all feed oriented so if you don’t watch the feed all the time, then you will be slightly more lost and miss things. You can always go back later but then you end up missing something else. They do have daily recaps of the events that happen but those are usually under 10 mins and only cover important events. Overall, it’s rather interesting to have the entire show play out on the feeds but it’s just hard to keep up with it because the feeds are 24/7.

The show also have a different format as there are no nomination ceremony but rather a safety ceremony. Basically, the houseguest were badges around their necks and the HOH selects the people he doesn’t nominate one at a time. Their badges flash green. This happens for two nights, each ceremony lasting only 30 minutes. At the end, only two houseguest not picked will be up for eviction. it’s rather stupid. It was just easier to have a nomination ceremony. The badges around their neck but that’s lame and I miss them having a key.

Speaking of Nomination, one of the really cool twistedly twisted twists is that America gets a lot more to do with the outcome of the game. We get to pick someone to nominate, the have-nots, and who gets a care package. We also have an eviction vote.

The cast also is so different from what we usually get, it’s makes it so good. Different is good because everything is so organic and they don’t seem like they are models. The downside with the cast is that most of them come off as that they have never seen Big Brother played out. Like they just signed up to be famous or on TV.

Overall, if you are not watching this season-you need to be. It’s only about $6 a month and worth it for an exclusive Big Brother season.

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