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Facebook has decided to rip off Snapchat with a new feature that they are currently testing called “Messenger Day.”


The social media empire is currently testing out this feature in Poland of all places. Pretty much, the new feature will be apart of their messenger app. You know the Facebook Messenger app, right? The one they pound down our throats every five minutes…yeah, that’s the app. “Messenger Day” takes the Snapchat Stories feature from the highly popular picture app and add its own Facebook twist.

Like Snapchat stories, “Messenger Day” will have a bunch of filters that will allow you tell people what you are feeling, what you are doing, etc. in these filters. It also appears that not a lot of the filters will be using your device’s GPS in order to provide area specific filters. It will also allow for sharing of pictures through it. Which makes it seem like it’s a hybrid of Instagram and Snapchat.

Either way, this sounds like this is going to be a make or break feature for Facebook, which has been dethroned as one of the most popular social media sites since more people have adopted Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. But in all honesty, Facebook really needs to figure out it’s own ways in order to make itself stand out. This a great but it’s already been done. They really should be focusing less on the what has been done and trying to innovate it but rather making new and inventful things. I get why they would do that but it’s not making them stand out.

Copying the feature for Instagram worked better than expected because it allows the user to tell more of a story past the pictures they post on there page. Only time will tell if this feature will make Facebook the top of the social media empire again.


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