The Art of Promotion Post


Social Media is a powerful tool when it comes to engaging customers to get them interested or talking about your business. It reaches a lot of people and can help you with your gains when it comes to followers. Because I’m a good person and I want to help you become the best social medialist you can be, here are some tips that will make your brand/business go to the top:

  • Plan out your post- Before you post, you want to make sure that it’s the best representation of what you would like your brand/business voice is. Setting your post’s voice may sound slightly stupid but it what will attract people to you. It’s kind of like how you talk to in real life. There’s no right tone, it all depends on what you think will attract people to you. Like my post for this site, they have changed dramatically since I first started. My tone started as professional as I used “we” to when writing. Now I make it more informal by saying “I” and using more comedy in the post. Like I said, there’s no right way to have your voice and it won’t come to your right away. Don’t stress out if it doesn’t come right away.
  • Schedule your post- You want to time out your post and make sure that they aren’t just back to back. If you have them going back to back, it will limit which post are seen, which is a hard thing to begin with. You want to space them out that way they have a more than likely change to see them. If you are posting on Facebook, it actually lets you see when people view your post. There’s alot more of cool sites that can help you with that as well. Just remember to space them out. Like life, everything needs it’s space sometimes and your post are one of those things.
  • Is this a good representation of your brand?- While you plan out your post, you have to make sure it’s the appropriate for your brand. Yes, this is covered in the first point but this is more along the lines of what you are writing. You want to make sure that you aren’t creating a bad image for the brand. A good rule to remember is that if you wouldn’t say to your mother/grandmother, then you really shouldn’t say it online.

These are just some basic tips that will help you become the best social medialist that you can be!


Have any tips that you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Steven_Kaufman using #PopProject

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