The Great Presidential Debate


Last night, I decided to watch the debate with little knowledge of politics and let me tell you, it was one big train wreck. So let’s chat about this debate through someone who could give two craps about debates.

First thing first-Donald, you need to stop doing lines of cocaine as you “prep” for the debate because the sniffles are annoying. Now that we got that out-of-the-way, let’s talk about the elephant in the room-Donald Trump’s leak audio of talking about poorly about women. It was brought up and he said that he was embarrassed ┬áby it but it was “locker room talk.” I don’t know what locker room’s Donald Trump has been in but I have never heard anything “Grab her by her p****” in the ones I was in. It was less about forceful actions like that. Another thing about the leak, why in the f would Billy Bush know about being a star, Donald? I didn’t remember who he was until this leaked.

Anyways, it was pretty much the usually Donald Trump acting like 5-year-old and didn’t take responisble for any of his actions. He also kept on switching the subject constantly. He also constantly called Hillary a diaster which is very becoming for a candidate to lead America. Hilary answered the most of her questions but pretty much did the same. It just appeared that she was the only one to properly prepare for the debate and not do lines of cocaine before the debate and call it “prep work”.

The most creepiest part of the debate was Donald lurking in the background and just creeping on Hillary like he was trying to intimidate her. It was very bad. Then it he standing behind his chair but it looked like he and the chair “needed to get a room” and it was creepy. Donald the entire debate did this the whole time. Like he didn’t have anything else do, like sit down and not invade personal space?

Donald also kept on acting like a 5-year-old when the moderators kept getting on him for not staying on topic, going over a lotted time, or interrupting Hillary. He literally sounded like he a little kid because “they were ganging up on him.” Yeah, they were but that is only because he was doing over and over again.

The real winner of the debate was Anderson Cooper who didn’t play. He told the audience that they were wasting time by cheering and booing. He also kept everyone in line. He was a BAMF (if you don’t know what that means, than urban dictionary that).

So that was the debate and I recommend it if you have nothing else to do…but if you decided to not watch it then you aren’t missing anything. Seriously, you’re not.

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