Go Go Power Rangers trailer!


Somebody call Rita Repulsa because we have our first look at the new Power Ranger trailer was released last week and boy is it lit. The trailer is pretty much everything we have ever wanted in the movie. It’s not as dark as the fanmade film feature James Van Der Beek but it’s amazing. I’ve been getting the vibe that it’s what the breakfast club would have been like if they happen to find aliens to give them powers.

Like these powers are legit powers, there’s a scene where Jason breaks off a part of a sink. Yeah…they are like legit superhero now and just teenagers that happen to fight in spandex ¬† with their martial arts move. Then we have Rita being a creeping and telling¬†Trini, played by Becky g, and telling her that she’s killed Rangers before. Damn girl, this is so far intense af. Then in between there’s Kimberly and Jason making out as well as them getting their suits in the movie’s version of the Command Centre.

This movie looks like it will be the movie we always wanted for the Power Rangers.

Here’s the trailer for your eyes to see.

I’m so pump for this movie and hopefully this movie won’t suck because it’s trailer is lit.

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