Surprise! Albums coming outta nowhere


The music world is freaking out because rumor has it that Taylor Swift is getting ready to release a surprise album at the end of the month. While T-swizzle hasn’t confirmed or denied this, there are many hints leaning toward a successor to her “1989” album. You can thank our friends at Vogue for compiling this list.

  • T-Swizzle releases an album every two years. “1989” came out in 2014
  • Four out of the last five came out in October. Taylor seems to be a fall girl.
  • A tweet from her label denying the album was deleted.
  • On the 24th of October, Taylor will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut album
  • Her squad even said that she’s back into the studio

While this wouldn’t shock anyone, mainly because ever since Beyonc√© released her fifth album “Beyonce”, everyone and their mother have been doing this. The new hot thing is to surprise fans with an album with little to no pre-release promotion, which is a rather big thing not to do. If you don’t do promo, then your album doesn’t get a lot of attention or heat to climb the charts. ¬†But if Taylor Swift can pull off a surprise album, then it would mean that she’s can do anything that Beyonce can.

The real question is, are surprise releases the way to go? The answer is slightly yes because there is a less than likely change that the album will leak for the world to hear. That is one of the biggest issues in the age of the internet. Albums leak every week and it hurts the release of the album and the hype because you can already listen to it so what’s the point of buying it or listening to it after it’s actually release? But the surprise release can also hurt if the artist isn’t big or famous enough for it. If you have the hype, then the hype will help support the album release.

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