The death of Vine


It was announced last week that the social media app Vine would be no longer a thing…which was a hard thing to do since it never was. For the many of you that don’t know, the app let users post seven seconds video for the world to “see.” It tried to be the red-headed stepchild of Twitter and YouTube, which is ironic because Twitter owns Vine.

It even produced celebrities out of out some “viners,” which the majority of them have gone on to YouTube to increase their fan base. The idea behind the app was the right idea but it didn’t have enough hype for it. Then all the videos were posted on other social media and never actually seen on the app. There wasn’t anything drawing you to Vine.

While the app is no longer allowing users to upload new content, it is up and running as an archive. The “viners” are in an uproar but the downfall of Vine shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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