Months that suck: November


It’s the start of a new month and like the month before it, November sucks and here’s why:

November begins the start of the holiday season and the holiday season brings out the worst in people. People get all bitchy and rude as they go all out to buy their loved ones gift. Literally, people die. It also time for Black Friday. Sure, the deals are amazing but let’s be real-it’s The Hunger Games of retail. It’s a blood sport. Every person for themselves as they wait in line in order to get the best deals. ¬†The irony is that it’s the right after the day that we are supposed to give thanks for all the great things in our life. How does that make any sense?

It’s also more freaking cold than what it was in October. November has the possibility for snow. Snow is a murder that is takes many lives every year. Snow is the personification of evil. It’s a like a Pokemon. Snow can melt and turn into frozen water, also know as Ice. Ice is slippery and can also kill you. So November is also the start of you fearing for your life until April. You might as well just live in a bubble. Yes, I know this is a tad bit overreacting but it’s true!

November is also when we lose an hour because Daylight Savings ends. No one likes loosing an hour of time. We have a hard time managing time to begin with, we don’t need to lose more time. Just because the sun isn’t coming up as early as it did, that doesn’t mean that we need doing something drastic. Do we cut off 4 inches every time we get taller ? No.

This is also the time in the year where it just feels like it drags on and on and on. The weather sucking does help with the never-ending days and that just to drag. This causes seasonal depression and people to drinking, besides the fact that their family is around for too long.

Here’s to another month that sucks!


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