Christmas “comes” too early

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We as a nation is suffering from Premature Christmulation. It’s what happens when Christmas “comes” too early. It’s affecting 10 in every 20 Americans. As soon as it’s remotely closer to the arrival of the jolly fat man that breaks into your home in order to give you gifts and eat your food, people go bat cray. Like they are already pulling out their Christmas trees and playing songs about the holiday. This is Premature Christmulation.

Instead of just waiting for it to “come” like every other freaking holiday, we try to rush it and celebrate it longer than we do for any other holiday. Do we celebrate Halloween for over two months? No because you are seen wearing a costume any other time, you are called names and viewed as an outcast. But yet, wearing Christmas outfits in November is perfectly acceptable. I get the reasoning behind Christmas and why it’s so important but we need just let it “come” when it does instead of rushing it. Everything is better when you let it “come” naturally.

Rushing it all makes it unwilling when Christmas day “comes.”  By the time it does “arrive,” it’s not as fulfilling and just makes you want to go “is it over yet?” or “Is that it?” If we just let it happen instead of rushing it, it’s so much better.  So don’t suffer from Premature Christmulation, let’s celebrate Christmas once Thanksgiving is over.


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