Clever ways to stay protected


Let’s be real: We,as adults,live in a society where casual sex is something that most people want instead of being in a relationship. Or you get drunk one night and hook up with the first person that walks by. You need to “protect thyself before you infect yourself.” Give me props for that one, it’s clever. Here are some clever ways that you can keep yourself protected without having to dig through your wallet or sock drawer. You’re welcome.

  • Condom Coaster: Some condom wrappers are very cleverly designed and you really can’t tell what they are unless you look rather closely. Use it as a coaster for your nightstand by your bed. It will keep both you and your nightstand protected. And if it’s “time,” all you have to do is lift your drink and you’re set without having to waste anytime. I know what your thinking and yes, the outline of the condom is a slight problem but it really doesn’t affect it.
  • Under your pillow: This one may seem very pornographic set. But you never know when a making out sesh will turn into something more serious. With this way, all you have to do is reach under your pillow and grab it. If you are feeling crafty, sew a little pocket in there for them if you having sex like a rabbit (which is also a good cardio workout so you go #nojudgement).
  • Cellphone case: If you like to do it in public places, this one is for you. It also works if they go back to their place. Get one of those cases that act like a wallet and put condoms in there. You will always have one on you and are prepared. Just remember your designated condom case and you will always be down. You can even share with your buds if they are need for one in a rush. Sharing is caring unless it’s a sexually transmitted disease. Then don’t share STDs.
  • Cigarette Carton: Do you smoke? Then stick a condom in your smoking sticks! Sure, it would be awkward if someone was looking to borrow a smoke with you. But hey, at least they will know that you are protected if was to go down. The cigarette may be killing you but an STD won’t. If you don’t smoke, you can still put them in there and be safe and “cool” at the same time. It’s a win-win.

These are just some of the clever ways you can stay safe and have the most time for…you know.

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