Britney has a slumber party

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The queen has decided to throw herself a slumber party with Tinashe and boy, it is one big wonderful thing. On Friday, Britney Spears┬áreleased the latest video for her second single from “Glory.” For the single, she also took the singer Tinashe under her wing for what is being called by many (mainly me) the birth of Tinashey. Yes, you read it hear first-I created the first ship for this:


The premise of the video is a very simple one: Britney Spear’s car drives her to a party in the mansion (fun fact: I’m pretty sure that mansion was one of her previous videos). Fire shoots around her as she heads in and walks through a sea of Ariana Grande wannabes, and don’t tell me you didn’t see the Ariana references with the bunny and cat ears. That is when it pretty much becomes one drunk night rager. She tries to seduce a gentleman in every way possible. She dances sexy, gets all dirrty with tinashe, and licks his spilled drink off his table right in front of him in the most iconic part of the video. The video ends with her pretty much giving the guy the middle finger and leaving with Tinashe.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room real quick. She’s not singing about the kind of slumber party that children has. She’s talking about having sex and making a sex tape. And from the lyrics, it’s sounds like she’s planning on having some freaky sex too. Especially with all the mask and such in the beginning. Britney is one kinky lady. I personally like kinky Britney because it’s usually her best work.

Tinashe is just kind of there for both the song and the video. She doesn’t add anything to song or video besides just a body to Britney to play with. Her vocals and dancing is good and I give Britney a high-five for giving someone still green like Tinashe a chance but have the girl shine more. Britney’s dancing is on fleek and Vegas has done wonders for her because damn that body is fine.

Overall, this is the best Britney era we have seen post-head shaving. This music video is recorded proof of that because it’s golden. She needs to keep on this train. Bravo, Britney!

Here’s the video for your eyes and ears to enjoy:


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