Make it stop!


Sometimes I hate the internet and the things that it creates and the things that go viral. The majority of the time, it’s literally the stupidest thing in the world. Like the latest crazy that has taken the world by storm. It’s called the mannequin challenge. Just like the challenges of before it, you will lose some brain cells while watching it.

Pretty much, the point of it is to record the video of the people in it being like mannequins. So they are frozen in time. Literally that is all it is. What’s the point? There isn’t one. I’ll give some of the videos props for being cool and creative but it’s rather stupid. There are plenty of other things that you could be doing than literally standing still and holding a pose. And let’s get one thing straight-Madonna made this popular way before this. Ever heard of “Vogue?” Vogue, strike a pose!

We, as a society, needs to stop this madness with all the damn challenges. One or two was find but now we are getting a tad bit ridiculous. We had people taking a spoonful of cinnamon, shoving marshmallows in the mouth, planking, wasting perfectly good ice cream cones by grabbing them at the top. When will the sadistic madness end? What is future generations going to think of us?

Just stop the madness before it gets event worse. The next challenge will probably be even worse like “sitting in a chair for long hours” challenge or “eating everything” challenge. Both of those are stupid and I will personally disown anyone that tries to make those a thing.


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