Taylor Swift is the new Oprah


So it was announced that Taylor Swift, the teeny-bobbing-maneating singer/songwriter/siren, is getting her own channel on the AT&T’s newest streaming television service called “DirecTV Now.”

Literally, all the channel will have is behind-the-scenes footage, performances, videos, and other things that you can just find on the already free streaming service known as “YouTube.” And if it’s not already on “YouTube,” it will be as soon as it airs on the Channel. Packages will start as “low” as $35/month and can go up to $75/month.

Taylor Swift is literally become the new Oprah. Oprah launched the OWN, which is her just flat-out telling you that she will “OWN” you. It’s pretty much sounds like a “YouTube” channel. Except she’s “too famous” to have a “YouTube” channel that would probably end up getting her more money but hey, that would be common sense. Taylor doesn’t seem to have much of that because she keeps on co-workers and writing songs about them breaking her heart. Or she could just be into that shiz #kinkylove #nojudgement. Either way, she’s bluntly say that she’s too good for a YouTube channel.  There’s also going to be a turf war happening as Winfrey v Swift is going down like it did in the Bad Blood video.

Will T-Swift’s squad be able to take out Gayle and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls? You better be crazy if you didn’t think that school was there because she actually wanted to help. She training them for her global takeover and for an occasion like this. Have you also noticed that there isn’t any like personal pictures of Oprah and Taylor? There’s just some interviews photos and some from O’s show and that’s it. It’s like they are already in a blood feud and no one noticed until this. Shots have been fired, Shots have been fired.

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